Digital Studio A&M

Digital Convergence ICT-based education

knowledge, Sense, imagination, technology education for children who are familiar with the Internet and smart phones.

Build an advanced education system in elementary curriculum utilizing Media technology and ICT-based networks, data platform.

Through Fun and curiosity, autonomy of learning, high sense of accomplishment, discovering talents, It aimed for future human resource such as holding the initiative in learning.

Instead of 'Teaching education', We suggest 'Subjective & independent Education' , 'specialized' education-oriented.


New Education through the convergence of Humanities, Social sciences, natural science and art

ICT-based networks and data platform take advantage of the educational market.

The convergence of Intelligence / Sensibility / Technology / Imagination - the foundation of the new knowledge industries


- Learning the basic knowledge and skills (basic course)

- organizing, design, performance (advanced course)

- Creating images and editing / raise capacity organizing

- creativity, identity, autonomy


ex) Children's News Station, Making New country (Big data utilization)

(linked to language, social and creative experience in elementary School curriculum )

- Sensitive interpretation of the image + Story structure,

- mechanism of media technology based on timeline art


ex) Time and Space Movement in Timeline structures

- How it Works and structures of images and movies

- imagination, creativity Development

- Sound (music, creating sound effects) Editing


Creation and presentation

- Presentation and utilization outcomes through ICT-based networks

-> UCC production such as shooting, editing etc. campus broadcast, presentation

Why consilience education?

The third-demand for creative productivity through consilience of Humanities and sciences, art & technology

This requires creativity to design new knowledge through the consilience of knowledge and sense than itself.

The importance of a comprehensive and pluralistic aspect, application capabilities has emerged in cultural codes of age.

Social Solution

Strengthen national competitiveness, enterprise competitiveness, culture competitiveness by education.

strongly resolve Regional variations between the educational benefit through ICT-based network and data platform.

Switch growing empty classroom with state-of-the-art digital consilience Classroom

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