Consilience education content development


Consilience education mediated by the art is not the training of talents and skills。

Thinking, creating, expressing. This is the process to strengthen the power of intellectual capacity, artistic sensibility, emotional expression and communication .

Providing a variety of Standard Learning Plan, video materials, PPT to minimize the difference between the effectiveness of the propensity or ability of teachers and to create independent learning mode that child is holding the initiative in learning,

Significantly reducing the effort of teachers, instead of teaching, focusing on growth changes through motivation and achievement.

Utilizing educational aids such as Standard Learning Plan, video materials, PPT and videos, Education scheme significantly reduces the variance of the teachers, even approaching this difficult area because of the physical distance to be able to offer a uniform training effect, overcome the deviation between the local education.

Standard Learning Plan Development Project (see Education and Science Curriculum Revision Plan)

regular Interactive curriculum, after-school type, holidays camp-type, education welfare-type, special purpose built, etc.

Learning Plan developed in according to the project particularities.

Learning materials

Powerful learning motivation and independent learning methods, materials developed high achievement.

Teacher observe Child Development Status, characteristic, talent, habits.

Learning Plan developed in conjunction with curriculum utilized in a variety of ways, emphasizes the learning objectives or emotional stability.

Dream house ver. 5 is designed to make growing children themselves an independent space. Learning construction, repair and calculation, the characteristic features of the house, design of your own, It motivatedan opportunity for growth

Night Flight - Dreamy astronauts

It made children dream to soar toward the future.

consilience education in literature and scienc and design. The idea from <A young prince> of Antoine Marie Roger De Saint Exupery.

Creating <Our New World, Our New country>

This is the program to design and construct New World that is not exist conflict and environmental pollution with Suggestive issue.

Linked to Elementary school learning curriculum_languages and social studies, science, creativity, It designed to observe the individual differences and patterns of growth, interests and talents of children and to continue to grant the motivation.

Time Machine - Time Traveler's self-portrait

consilience learning program based on History, Science, Art that crosses time and space through the Archaeological exploration of the pristine and the imagination for the future.

Appreciating the cave paintings of the Altamira or the Lascaux, Imagine the life and culture of primitive times.

After painting mixed material over the plate, attache small animal bones, branches, shells

after making the cave walls with texture, to record our desires and thought.

A three-dimensional structure is created by 11 pentagonal plate. It can be connected to each other and go to a huge proliferation structure reminiscent of a space station.

Program-Specific audio-visual aids development

Education monitoring network operations

'monitoring' For continuous learning, Monitoring the Education-process, teachers have the opportunity to reorganize and improve the lesson plans, Secondly it is used as a method of communicating actively with content development team.

Lot's of teachers are participating to Community for sharing Education and experience. Through the network, It is going to reduce the local variations between educational benefit

All in one Package Delivery System Operation

In order to change educational inequalities between regions, Art&Society standardize Teaching plans and Resource Kits. We have developed an autonomous PPT for self-learning that will replace the teacher's roll.

We will deliver All in one Package including Teaching plans and Resource Kits,

monitor performance between individuals directly through the Internet community during the semester. By Remote Assistance, We’ll try to overcome discrimination and reduce operational costs.

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