Keywords of Educational innovation in the 21st century <Convergence education, integrated education>

1. What is STEAM?

    Academic education model fusing Science, technology, Engineering, Mathematics in order to foster creative human resource

-Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA, 2005) made STEM Education Graduate courses at the first stone.

-According to the importance of integration between disciplines and association STEM education(Sanders, 2006) has been emerging.

-The Integrated approach based on mutual communication and cooperation between subjects.

-The integrated arts and cultural education be recognized as a key driver emerging as a policy for the future growth of the country. (May, 2011.

-The concept of STEM education was suggested the government four core subjects namely science, engineering, technology, mathematics by Education experts and advisory group in UK.

-It begins with an introduction by Professor Kim Jin Soo on STEAM STEM education and training in professional journals of Korea Technology Education Association in Korea, 2007.

-Ministry of Education revised the policy of curriculum in 2009, It is also pursuing convergence-oriented education for the purpose of holistic growth of children.


* According to the definition of the STEAM education by Yakmann in Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA) Arts gives a better understanding of past, present, and future development of the society and how they affect. And It includes all of Fine art, applied art and the language and the humanities.

2. Convergence education, integrated education in global Issue

Reggio Emiliain in Italy

-It is presented as an alternative Education, and sparked a worldwide interest in 1980's

-It takes care of Children‘s intellectual, emotional, social and moral potential and carefully guides and develops. The whole process of conceptualization in education is visualized through a rigorous recording.

-excluding unilateral training of teachers. Children's self-directed learning and self-navigating research

-Application of learning through a variety of media representation. The symbolic approach, cognitive activities through the promotion of interaction and communication between peers

-Record the thinking and learning processes of children. Looking for development direction of activities recorded in the history and progress, based on work

Integration Education of the Steiner Waldorf

-Instead of knowledge centered academic achievement, Cultivating inner consciousness of children. Holistic Education with Harmony of body and spirit.-Human develops in integrated and comprehensive way by human will, emotions, thought. Education and life integration, and aims to encompass the integration of teaching content.

Education in Singapore

-in changes 21st century, Only strong human resources can increase the country's competitiveness.

- Thinking Schools, presented Learning Nation (SLN) to a vision. It develops All the students as active learners placing the focus on the development of critical and creative culture.

-The main gist of TSLN, thinking, information technology (IT), including strong national education, It develops Communication Technology and independent learning(support $ 12 billion in infrastructure and teacher training)

- The Ministry of Education opened Gifted and Talented Education Part in 1984,

- Establish master plan to prepare students for the 21st century economy on the knowledge-based

-educational Goals <High-level thinking skills development for intellectual ability of students>, <Development of creative capacity>, <Technique that can be self-directed lifelong learning, process and attitude development>

3. Creative human model, Steve Jobs

⇨ Led to the development of innovative items and reprocess the knowledge and information fusion.

⇨ The development of the Macintosh in 1984 - The first commercial trial for the public. Its success changed the computer industry

⇨ The design of the internal circuit board that people did not see, efficient use plan design

⇨ In 2001, I-pod development - Leading Culture Rather than listening to the music, fusing the information and life style in cultural way .

⇨ Innovation rebirth 'iPhone' mobile phones - iPod screen adjusts to touch, mobile phones, integrate Internet communications device.

※ Professor Baeck Yoon-soo of Mechanical Engineering in Yonsei University,

STEAM make Creative and omprehensiv human resouces learning STEAM Literacy through Creative Design and emotional experience

mention to STEAM-4C _Convergence, Creativity, Communication, Caring.